Funny intimidating things to say

This is a law that refers to the correct labelling of beef.Obviously considered important enough that there’s a (very long) word for it.

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After giving up over 250 yards on the ground against the Buffalo Bills this past weekend and proving they have had trouble stopping the likes of Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson this season, it is times like these that could drive a coach insane.

It is the only language to capitalise every noun, which not only wears out Shift keys faster but is deliciously ironic given German people’s reputation for efficiency.

Not only that, but every noun is given a gender with often bizarre results- a small girl is neuter rather than female, and the ocean can be either male, female or neuter depending on what term you use to describe it (Ozean, Meer, or See).

Then again, there has been that horsemeat scandal in Europe lately. Just get the consonants around the right way and you’ll be fine.

I initally thought this must be some kind of German dinosaur like Kohlensaurus Rex but it just means bubbles. Sounds absolutely filthy, but it’s their word for art. In English we would try to disguise what we are eating by calling it something quaint like “pork”. Australian solar power scientist travels the world for 15 years, takes photos, writes stuff, has toothpaste confiscated.

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