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NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal's roller coaster relationship with his reality star girlfriend Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander has fizzled out, with Hoopz confirming to the Boston Globe that she and Shaq are no longer dating.

I felt bad for him." Another eyewitness confirmed that the story was in fact true, and sources are saying that this was the final straw for Shaq in his relationship with Hoopz.It also helps in preventing split hair ends and tames your frizzy hair quite efficiently.It is easy to use and apply which makes it the perfect hair conditioner for a smooth and shiny hair.It contains many ingredients which help in soothing your skin and just a few drops of this oil on your skin can provide relief and improve healing.Argan Oil is found to be extremely effective in protecting pregnant women from stretch marks and saggy skin after birth.

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