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After seven years of misery, and delving into every form of medicinal and healing treatment available, both orthodox and alternative, it was a homeopathic remedy which gave her a sudden, complete cure.

Diane Solomon was enjoying life in the UK as a well-known singer, songwriter and actress when the onslaught of CFS incapacitated her, and ended her career.

and sending a text saying, "I'm here" instead of walking to the door and to meet the parents.

Snapchats and Instagram "likes" have become acceptable forms of flirting. That random date you ask someone on might be the start of a beautiful relationship.

A "like" on Instagram is way more common than a compliment in real life.

Date night has evolved from going out to dinner, playing putt-putt (a completely underrated pastime in my opinion) or doing anything relatively thoughtful, to watching Netflix and maybe ordering a pizza. Everyone is "talking" or "has a thing with someone" or is "kind of dating" that one guy from bio lab. You did better than the rest of us, stuck at home Snapchatting the person they're "talking to."I'm not saying that we all need to go out and ask every person we've ever thought was cute out on a date. Don't get mad over Instagram likes and Snapchat best friends.

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