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In the meantime uninstalling the September 2013 Update and/or rolling back to the August 2013 Lync update resolves the issue.

There have been other issues reported after applying this update, but it has not been determined what exactly the combination of factors introduce the issue.

To stop sending automatic replies: You can send different messages to internal (other LSE email addresses) and external (non-LSE email addresses) correspondents if you wish.

This is helpful if you need to give different details to each group.

When someone sets an out of office reply, a little asterisk appears at the corner of the status, showing he is out of office.

Also Outlook show a notification in the compose window if the recipient is out of office. What I want to do is to have this asterisk and the message, but I don't want an automatic reply to any address (since the sender can see my message before sending me an e-mail). (This is the first time I want to use this out of office thing in Outlook) Yes, just clear any text in the message area.

A user can tell if the address book is completely downloaded when the “Address book synchronizing” status goes away when searching for a contact – as shown here: As been previously well documented, if you need to force the Lync client to download the address book immediately you can.

This might seem like an anomaly but it occurs quite frequently for two reasons: The resolution is simple enough – correct the email and IM address in the Outlook contact and sign out and back in to the Lync 2013 client.

The same date and time criteria will apply equally to both groups.

If you would like to set up an automatic forward for your email so that it is sent to a different address, please see Microsoft's guide on how to forward your email in Office 365.

Here is a breakdown of three major known issues and what to do about them.

The most common problem was introduced in the recent September 2013 update package for the Lync 2013 client.

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