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They provide an encouraging environment for having fun, which immediately breaks down barriers and develops talking points, without you having to think of a witty conversation starter.Depending on your preferences, you may need to pick a mixed gender sport, which could be beach soccer, tennis, badminton, dodge ball or any other sport you fancy.Pick a sport that you will genuinely enjoy, and don’t worry too much about it being something you are particularly good at—the rest will follow. So many people are gathering in one place, so you can easily find someone you’re intrigued with.

But wherever you go, you could meet a similar soul with the same interests as yours, all while you’re sweating to keep yourself fit.

The main purpose of visiting health and fitness clubs is obviously to maintain the physique and keep up the good health.

But, with mixed gender health clubs, you could have added incentives.

Just as he’s thinking of nothing but finishing his drink, paying his tab and calling it a day, something miraculous happens.

A beautiful woman enters the bar and immediately lights up the room.

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