Teen dating vilence data

As sad as it sounds, three million children are at risk of being assaulted by a parent each year.A teen growing up with their mother being abused will more likely be a violent teenager and adult, than a teen that grows up in a loving home.The best way to help prevent teen violence is by not allowing it in your home, treat each other, including your teen with respect and courtesy.By doing this you set good examples for your teen, these examples will help teach your teen how to treat others with respect.Teenagers should be educated on the different kinds of abuse, such as verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual.Many teens do not know when they are being verbally or emotionally abused, and they might even shrug it off as constructive criticism.

Depression can cause anyone to become violent especially a teenager.

Teen dating violence could lead to poor academic performance and depression.

Teens who have suffered from dating violence are more likely to experience the same kind of abuse as adults. It is never too late to initiate a conversation with your child about dating.

Let's not forget about girls who do not report being a victim of domestic violence. The term is not exclusive to married couples or couples living together. And girls are not the only ones who are victimized -- a percentage of teenage boys also suffer from teen dating violence.

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), victims of teen dating violence are more likely to attempt suicide, use drugs, binge drink, and develop an eating disorder.

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