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The line, which is coloured brown on the Tube map, opened between 19, and to this day many of its stations retain elements of their original Edwardian design.Take a stroll around the stations below ground and you’ll spot many examples of the Art Nouveau decorative tiling designed by architect Leslie Green at the turn of the century.

In this case it’s not a generalisation about shaping up and sorting out a sloppy life, though neither of us can claim to be entirely free of that need, but it’s the act we’re going to put on for our book launch.

If this were not student grade, I expect it would be even darker.

In midtone and undertone it's a rich Sap Green color.

With Dioxazine Purple it makes a 'real' black that is close to neutral.

Mixed into any orange-red, it makes a nice range of browns..Red Oxide to Burnt Sienna to Burnt Umber to Van Dyke Brown.

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